The League of Extraordinary Mages

There is no more subtilty on the Black Spirit
Stealth goes out the window.

On entering the upper deck a silent alarm is most likely tripped, alerting the remaining ships crew to our presence.

The two forward cabins are not actually present, their contents are mind illusions. While Tintin is penetrating these illusions, Emily) spots a camera orb darting back into the ceiling on an armature.

At this point tactic change from infiltration to raid, Emily catches one of the tentacles and melt a convenient Wellington over the end, they eyes don’t look in so much after that.

Ada’s scrying reveals the presence of multiple areas of magical distortion backed by Prime wards.

The uppermost deck, most likely the bridge, is revealed to be a armoured bulkhead, behind which is the only other intelligence on the ship, though the feel of that intelligence is odd.

Ada teleports over to be a more active force.

Infiltration of the Black Spirit

In game date – 19th April 2012


Tintin and Emma approach the svarta anda in a stealthed motor dingy.


  • Collect more advanced schematics and research notes on the Avatar draining system.
  • Release any avatar fragments contained within holding vessels.
  • scupper she ship if possible.

Weather Conditions

-6’c – 4’c
10-20mph north wind, chill.
Chance of rain

Assualting the Solar Plant prt. 2

we enter the service conduits leading to the central structure, it is the generator turbines for the solar power systems.

Assaulting on the Solar Plant

Guards on the roof of south west structure disabled, security radio infiltrated and guards mimicked by Ada’s AI.

The rest of the perimeter guards were knocked out, there where a couple of scuffles but no one seems to have been alerted.

Guard in security tent was knocked out briefly, but was revived to keep reporting to a remote authority.

Off to Mozambique
One more step on the trail of Codename Rasputin!

From the Hermetic tracking of the Avatar fragment that was once grafted to Vassiliy, a rough location has been determined, somewhere along the southern coast South Africa.

Using information gleaned from the recovered Soviet computer files, the Virtual Adepts have determined which of the Russian scientists is most likely to be Rasputin, this gives us a military service number, but not a name the files are either too damaged or were never present.

From various contacts the service number gives us a partial service record, which leads us to one posting in South Africa, a research station in Mozambique. Tintin’s S.I.S. contact provides some sketchy details on high energy solar power research that was being conducted there during the Cold War.


Location of the solar power plant in Mozambique. – Satellite Intelligence


Seaplane – Short Sandringham



Emma Davis


Albert West
Michel Trent
Edward Williham-Smithe

The Story So Far

During the second world war the League confronted a Russian mage/scientist who was working for Hitler in a top secret research facility. The Scientists at the facility where supposed to be working on top end anti gravity effects, however the scientist was usurping the facilities power and technology for his own nefarious ends.
The league broke in and sabotaged the facility supposedly destroying it, as the members of the league escaped and during the resulting explosion something occurred to effect the mages.

From then on the group had problems gathering and keeping hold of quintessence, effects that before had seemed easy would falter and fail more often than would be expected. While not crippling it was somewhat difficult to work with and several quest where carried out searching for a solution.

During the Cold War it appeared that the scientist had gone renegade from his technocratic masters and was working for the soviet government research into
Psychic capabilities.

The league raided the research facility. During the assault on his compound the League destroyed what they understood to be Rasputin’s doomsday device, in its final moment the backlash from the device scoured all but a fraction of the League’s Avatars from them, leaving them weakened.

The Scientist, codenamed Rasputin by the League for his extreme resilience, escaped again and for the past three decades the League have tried to survive an increasingly hostile world and seek out Rasputin to try and reclaim their Avatars.

In the past few months the League has hit a break, while cleaning up some business for the London Mage Council they happened upon a lead to one of Rasputin’s assistants working with the Technocracy, they tracked him down in transit during an overnight stop at an abandoned Soviet shunting yard in Belarus.


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