The League of Extraordinary Mages

There is no more subtilty on the Black Spirit

Stealth goes out the window.

On entering the upper deck a silent alarm is most likely tripped, alerting the remaining ships crew to our presence.

The two forward cabins are not actually present, their contents are mind illusions. While Tintin is penetrating these illusions, Emily) spots a camera orb darting back into the ceiling on an armature.

At this point tactic change from infiltration to raid, Emily catches one of the tentacles and melt a convenient Wellington over the end, they eyes don’t look in so much after that.

Ada’s scrying reveals the presence of multiple areas of magical distortion backed by Prime wards.

The uppermost deck, most likely the bridge, is revealed to be a armoured bulkhead, behind which is the only other intelligence on the ship, though the feel of that intelligence is odd.

Ada teleports over to be a more active force.



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