Emma Davis (born Emily Davison)

Emma looks mid thirties, she has longish brown hair usually worn tied back. brown eyes and a clear, slightly tanned complexion.


Born Emily Wilding Davison, in Blackheath, Southeast London on 11 October 1872, she proved an intelligent child. She studied English literature at Holloway College but had to leave two years later because of financial difficulties. Determined to complete her education, she worked as a schoolteacher and eventually raised enough money to return gain a first class honours degree at Oxford University. She went back to teaching.

In 1906, she joined the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), founded by Emmeline Pankhurst. Three years later she gave up teaching and went to work full-time for the Suffragette movement. She took part in attacks on property. Eventually she became a leading member and was imprisoned and force-fed.

On 2 April 1911, the night of the 1911 census, she hid in a cupboard in the Palace of Westminster overnight so that on the census form she could legitimately give her place of residence that night as the “House of Commons”. Tony Benn MP placed a plaque there to commemorate the event. The 1911 census documents that were uncovered state that Emily Wilding Davison was found ‘hiding in the crypt’ in the Houses of Parliament. In 1913, she planted a bomb at Lloyd George’s newly built house in Surrey, damaging it severely.

Prison Sentences
March 30th 1909 One month in prison for obstruction
July 30th 1909 Two months in prison for obstruction
September 4th 1909 Two months for stone throwing at White City, Manchester
October 20th 1909 One month for stone throwing at Radcliffe near Manchester
November 19th 1910 One month for breaking windows in the House of Commons
January 10th 1912 Six months for setting fire to postal boxes at Holloway, London
November 30th 1912 Ten days for assaulting a vicar who she mistook to be David Lloyd George

In 1909 she barricaded herself in a prison cell to escape force-feeding. A prison guard, angered by her actions, forced a hose into the room and nearly filled it with water. Eventually, however, the door was broken down, and she was freed. It was during this incident, on Oct 24th 1909, that she awakened. She subsequently sued the wardens of Strangeways, and was awarded 40 shillings. Such treatment only made her even more determined. Searched out by the Order of Hermes she joined House Tytalus.

On another occasion while in prison, she threw herself off of a prison upper gallery floor. She was badly injured but survived to her chagrin as she realised that a Suffragette dying in prison would look bad for the authorities.

Despite historical belief, aided by fellow mage Florence Nightingale, she survived throwing herself under the King’s horse during the 1913 Derby on June 4th. She believed that letting all think her to be dead would give the movement their first martyr, she went to ground, in the hope that one day her sacrifice for the suffragette cause would come to mean something.

It was not long after this that she and her fellow mages were conscripted to work undercover during the First World War. She changed her name to Emma Davis

Emma Davis (born Emily Davison)

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