Ksenija Duvnyak

Akashic Brotherhood Chancellor


A Croatian woman in her early forties, Ksenija has an enthusiastic and energetic personality, and is far more upbeat than the stereotype for an Akashic, let alone one of their leaders normally allows.

Her position as Chancellor is a direct, but unintentional result of both her attitude and her practical, decisive nature which lead her to organise her Chantry and the community around it in the wake of The Avatar Storm. When the dust settled she had essentially become Chancellor by default.

Ksenija is a student of the Mohist Dharma and a member of the Tradition’s Li-Hai faction, a group which grew from the utilitarian philosophy of Mo-Tzu.

The modern philosophy of the Li-Hai can essentially be summed up as “whatever works” in that they apply the principles of Akashic enlightenment through whatever tools are most appropriate to the situation at hand, rather than restricting themselves to traditional methods. This means that a Li-Hai is just as likely to apply Freudian psychology as they are the I-Ching. This non-traditionalism in their approach causes some friction with other faction within the Tradition, especially the legalist Shi-Ren who do embody many of the negative stereotypes of Akashic inflexibility.

Ksenija Duvnyak

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