Crystal Palace Node

In it’s day the cystal palace was created by mages to enlighten and bring wonder to the masses.

The real destruction of the palace was no mere accident, during the ascension war the Technocracy destroyed the palace in a calamitous battle that lasted throughout the night.
The fire news real
account of the fire

Such was the release of magic that the Sanctum at the heart of the building collapsed in on itself causing a paradox backlash that shattered the palace and caused the roof to cave in.
However the battle was not over, everyone inside the palace was ripped out of reality into a pocket dimension where the survivors spent months engaged in smaller skirmishes as they made attempts to escape.

The league where present in this battle and where responsible for the successful escape of the traditions. As a reward the league where gifted with the statue that lay at the heart of the palace and likewise the pocket dimension, The statue was instrumental in the escape and as part of the previous sanctum and the after effects of the battle is an object of great power forming the heart of the League’s node.

A place of wonder in a dark world the node radiates with awe and magic from the thousands of visitors to the palace along with a sadness for what has been lost. The node consists of many ruined parts of the former palace along with the statue hidden in the remnants of one of the Victorian water towers buried under Dinosaur Island.
To access the hidden chamber, one must open the hidden hatch on one of the Iguanodon’s who’s belly is on the ground.

Crystal palace park map

Crystal Palace Node

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