The League of Extraordinary Mages

Off to Mozambique

One more step on the trail of Codename Rasputin!

From the Hermetic tracking of the Avatar fragment that was once grafted to Vassiliy, a rough location has been determined, somewhere along the southern coast South Africa.

Using information gleaned from the recovered Soviet computer files, the Virtual Adepts have determined which of the Russian scientists is most likely to be Rasputin, this gives us a military service number, but not a name the files are either too damaged or were never present.

From various contacts the service number gives us a partial service record, which leads us to one posting in South Africa, a research station in Mozambique. Tintin’s S.I.S. contact provides some sketchy details on high energy solar power research that was being conducted there during the Cold War.


Location of the solar power plant in Mozambique. – Satellite Intelligence


Seaplane – Short Sandringham



Emma Davis


Albert West
Michel Trent
Edward Williham-Smithe



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